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Treat Your Acne!

Achieving Clear Skin with Cosmetic Elegance Clinics Effective Approach to Acne Management At Cosmetic Elegance Clinic, we understand the impact that acne can have on your confidence and overall skin health. Our comprehensive acne management services are designed to provide tailored solutions for every individual’s unique skin needs. Here’s how we can help you achieve […]

Happy Times @ Cosmetic Elegance Clinic

We hope that our friends and patients in Lockdown are doing okay. We’re thinking of you and thought we’d take a moment to reflect on some of the happy times we’ve had at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic over the years – and we look forward to many more. We’re here for you! Call us on 4638 […]

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

“We are doing some tattoo removal on eyeliner tattoo that has bled. Sometimes cosmetic tattoos will bleed, depending on the ink used. The right way to treat this is to do laser tattoo removal rather than to use skin coloured dye on the area. Skin coloured dye will always be the same colour and will […]

Cosmetic Elegance Clinic is here for you!

We have been caring for and supporting the Toowoomba community for many years, and we’re here to stay. Being involved in many charitable events, we strive to help raise awareness and much needed funds within the community. We aim to strengthen community relationships, while helping you be the best you can be. Dr Eddie says, […]

Incontinence? Weak Pelvic Floor? Back Pain?

The TESLAChair is here! Cosmetic Elegance Clinic has tested the Functional Magnetic Stimulation of the TESLAChair in the clinic over the past few weeks and we are excited to let you know that we have had amazing results! “I have had problems with lower back and my pelvic floor for many years… the improvement I […]

Spot the scar! Isn’t Dr Eddie’s excision work good?

If you have a mole, growth, skin tag or wart that you are concerned about or would like removed, book an appointment with Dr Eddie. He specialises in treating skin conditions and removing lesions, and will first check them for skin cancer then discuss with you the best way to remove them. Even if you […]

The new Weekender Palette in the Youngblood Range

“Get the latest look with the new Weekender palette in the Youngblood range, just in time for the summer months ahead! This unique palette includes 4 blush colours and 9 eyeshadow colours for you to create a warm summery day glow or a luminous evening look. With Christmas fast approaching, this groovy little palette could […]

Cheaper vs More Expensive Laser Hair Removal

Removing your own hair at home, or using cheap clinic treatments is great for maintenance, but generally the strength of the product and the techniques used aren’t quite up to a professional standard. So, for the best results, book into a trusted clinic for a professional treatment you can trust. If you have any questions […]

Caring for your Skin on Holiday

“Holidays are a time to unwind and are meant to be relaxing and lazy, but it doesn’t mean that we should get slack with our skincare routines. We have one skin and we should always look after it, especially from the sun. It’s impossible to take every product you own in the bathroom cupboard with […]