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Bad Cosmetic Results

If you are Unhappy with your Cosmetic Injectables (wrinkle injections/ dermal fillers), Laser Hair Removal or any other cosmetic procedures you have had, we can help.

“We all know what “bad” Botox looks like—the scary stuff associated with Beverly Hills housewives and Hollywood stars who have gone too far, and can no longer move their facial muscles; or, worse yet, have what appears to be drooping eyes or brows. 

Whether you’ve experienced bad Botox yourself and are seeking answers, or have been been too afraid to try it for fear of the worst case scenario, you’ll want to keep reading.” Alina Gonzalez, Byrdie.

Cosmetic Elegance Clinic has been practising Cosmetic Medicine in Toowoomba for 10 years.  Our doctors and skin care consultants regularly attend training courses and our medical experts present at conferences countrywide.  Dr Eddie Roos and Aesthetic Nurse Vicki Piets have built the clinic’s excellent reputation through their expertise and a solid foundation of trust.

We do not compromise on quality, and unlike some of the budget cosmetic medicine clinics, will only use the best medical and skin care products, administered by highly experienced consultants.  All services are provided following strict infection control procedures that are to medical standards.

There are risks with cosmetic treatments.  That is why they are classified as medical procedures; and they can only be safely carried out in the hands of trained medical professionals.  Dr Eddie Roos wants people to know how important it is to have cosmetic medical treatments at a medical clinic performed by trained, registered medical professionals, and under medical supervision. Cheap options can cost you your health or even your life.

What can we do for you?

In the capable hands of our Cosmetic Doctor, Aesthetic Nurse and qualified laser consultants, we can fix botched cosmetic procedures.  For example, did you know that fillers can be dissolved and redone to look more natural?  With wrinkle injections, if results are not even, “asymmetry” can be improved by our injecting doctor or nurse who have the required knowledge of facial anatomy.

“Although it looks fairly straightforward, there is an extreme amount of knowledge that goes into meticulous injection technique and solid knowledge of the underlying facial anatomy. Don’t bargain shop for your face. Make sure you research who you are soliciting to inject your face. Make sure you always seek a licensed, trained, board-certified professional. I promise that no amount of money saved is worth the potential for a bad outcome. Your face is worth the investment!” Alina Gonzalez, Byrdie.  And so is the rest of your body.

Book a consultation at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic on 4638 2700 and we’ll work with you to achieve the look you want. Have a look at our BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS to see results achieved at our clinic.