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Caring for your Skin on Holiday

Caring for your Skin on Holiday

“Holidays are a time to unwind and are meant to be relaxing and lazy, but it doesn’t mean that we should get slack with our skincare routines. We have one skin and we should always look after it, especially from the sun. It’s impossible to take every product you own in the bathroom cupboard with you on holidays and after all, who wants a suitcase half full of lotions and potions? I know I don’t. However I strive to keep my skin well cared for while on holidays.

My all time go to for when I travel is the Glymed addictions kit. It’s the perfect kit for travel goers!!! The kit contains purifying cleanser, ultra hydro gel, peptide cream, eye calm eye cream and sun protection gel 15+. I also take with me the DermaEnergy shed the dead exfoliant, so I am still regularly exfoliating my skin as well. The beauty with this exfoliant is that you can apply it to your skin and leave it on overnight, so you’re not wasting precious travel time waiting for product to work.

The kit is the perfect compact size to pack in your suitcase and plenty to last you a couple of months whilst on holiday.” Clare, Cosmetic Elegance Clinic Skin Care Consultant

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