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We all use our facial muscles in different ways to give expression. But if you’re starting to look worried all the time with lines in your forehead, you could be overdoing some of those expressions. Say good-bye to your forehead lines and hello to a smooth, line free forehead.

Forehead lines are formed from us constantly squinting, frowning and making facial expressions.   It doesn’t matter when we’re young because our skin is elastic and will spring back quickly from the muscle movements.

However as we age the skin takes longer and longer to respond.  The lines develop, deepen and become visible even when we’re not using the muscles.

By using muscle relaxing injections we can stop the overuse of certain expressions and eliminate the appearance of these frown lines.
If necessary we can complement this treatment with dermal fillers to plump out the deeper creases regaining the youthful appearance.
Combine this treatment with other treatments around the eye area and you will have what we call an upper face non-surgical face-lift. You won’t just see the difference, you will feel it.

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Our Highly Experienced Registered Nurse Cosmetic Injectors, Vicki Piets & Nicole Harrison.