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Lips Enhancement

Here’s something to smile about - your Lips can look younger and fuller easily! Enhancing the appearance of your lips is one of the most simple and effective rejuvenation procedures of all. We can help rejuvenate your lips by reducing fine lines, restoring volume and even creating a cupid’s bow. We can also get rid of sagging corners of the mouth and stop lipstick from bleeding.

Lips always draw attention so it’s important that you like the way they look.

Over time, our lips change.  They tend to become thinner with age, begin to flatten and vertical lines emerge from regular movement. That’s all perfectly normal – and annoying!

Dermal filler can replace the fullness or volume in your lips to make them look softer, rounder and younger.     You too can have luscious lips!

Anti-wrinkle injections can relax your lips so those fine vertical lines disappear.

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Another excellent Lip Enhancement result at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic 💋
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When it comes to Lip Fillers, Nadia Bokody, editor of an Australian women’s website, advises:
  • Research is king – who you choose to administer your fillers can make or break your result, so when it comes to determining the right practitioner for your needs, you really can’t over-research
  • Preparation starts one week out – you should strictly abide by the pre-treatment instructions given by your practitioner
  • Expect to pay the price – do not choose a practitioner based on price. “Dermal fillers must be administered only by trained and licensed professionals. Don’t undergo the procedure in a shopping centre or at home. Injections must be performed in a medical office or medical spa.” says Katherine Millar-Shannon, one of the world’s foremost cosmetic nurse practitioners
  • Bruising is common, but preventable – because the lip area is incredibly fragile, some subtle bruising is quite common following a lip filler treatment
  • There’s more than one type of filler – the two main types of fillers are temporary and semi-permanent
  • If you hate the results, they are reversible – unlike Botox treatments, which you need to wait several months to wear off, fillers are fairly easily dissolved if for some reason you change your mind
  • Your lips can look natural – in the capable hands of a qualified practitioner, the results of dermal fillers are meant to be moderate, making the patient look completely natural, just a little more refreshed