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miraDry for Sweating

We Can Treat Excessive Sweating!

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can be inherited and it can be caused by lifestyle, medical conditions or medications. But you don’t have to let this condition grow into an embarrassment where you’re always trying to hide sweat patches, or choose clothes that won’t show them.

miraDry is the World’s best treatment for excessive underarm sweating. With miraDry treatment your underarm sweating is reduced by over 80%, permanently. This treatment has been available in the US since 2011, and now Australians can benefit from this procedure. Read more

Muscle relaxing injections are also effective in treating hyperhidrosis of the underarms, feet, hands and face. Each treatment should last for around six to seven months.

If I have had sweat stopping treatments injections for underarm sweating, how different is the miraDry experience?

Very. miraDry gives patients a more natural method of sweat reduction. Both treatments work extremely well to reduce or even eliminate underarm sweating, however with miraDry, sweat reduction is markedly reduced, unlike the ‘turn off the tap effect of sweat stopping treatments.’ Additionally with miraDry, patients will not be paranoid as to when their sweating will return. This is because the treatment has a PERMANENT reduction in sweating.

miraDry Treats Excessive Sweating

miraDry heralds an absolute revolution in the treatment of moderate to severe axillary –underarm sweating. This is a safe and permanent solution that once complete, does not need to ever be repeated.

Here are some facts on miraDry treatment –

  • It uses microwave or electromagnetic energy to reduce the amount of sweat glands
  • Two treatments may be needed, spaced 3 months apart
  • Once treated, your sweat problem is solved – forever
  • Treatment takes 1-1½ hours to complete, and is well tolerated by patients – discomfort is minimal
  • Sweat reduction is noticeable within a day or two in most patients
  • Once miraDry is complete, there will be at least an 80% reduction in sweating
  • miraDry can only be used in the underarm area and not for the hands or feet
  • 2% of patients may require a third treatment
  • miraDry cost – please call us on 4638 2700 to enquire
It is worth making an appointment to see Dr Roos so that he can assess your condition and recommend the right treatment path for you. Call 07 4638 2700 to make an appointment.

Susan's miraDry Experience (Susan is a patient at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic)

miraDry has Changed my Life!
The miraDry treatment for excessive underarm sweating was so simple and comfortable.  The recovery was quick with most discomfort only being applicable on the first and second day, which was eased with the use of the ice packs.  It has been roughly two months since I had my second treatment of miraDry at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic and it has completely changed my life!  

I had searched for a number of years to resolve my excessive sweating problem, with most treatments being temporary, invasive and expensive.  I was surprised at how quick the treatment was and that it could be done in the clinic.  

I estimate that my sweating has decreased by about 90% with less occurrence and severity.  This is a huge factor in my life as I would consistently feel myself sweating profuse patches under my arms on even the most bitter winter mornings, and even when my body was cold itself.  It is so unpleasant to shiver and sweat at the same time, the cold damp patch is almost unbearable, and this is an issue I dealt with daily.  Excessive sweating has affected so many aspects of my life from general working (e.g. meetings) to catching up with friends, playing sport, and formal events like weddings.  I found I had to plan what to wear, and I would consistently worry about what colour, type and fabric to wear to certain events.  

I cannot express my gratitude enough at the amount of freedom I now possess in being able to wear clothes without having to worry all day about how wetness was soaking through the fabric.  I have gained confidence and a more carefree life that I am able to enjoy with my young children, family and friends.  While miraDry has not completely eradicated underarm sweating, I have only experienced mild sweating while exercising and being under hot conditions, and nowhere near the severity it once was.  I finally feel ‘normal’.  I highly recommend the miraDry treatment and I really think it is such great value as it is permanent!