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Leg Vein Treatments ​

Unsightly veins are a common problem, particularly for women.    Sclerotherapy is not just a cosmetic procedure – varicose vein disease can cause many health problems such as blood clots, venous eczema, skin breakdown and ulceration and, rarely, skin cancers.

Sclerotherapy is a well established non-invasive treatment for unsightly spider veins – the red or bluish veins that can appear on the legs, feet or even the face.  These veins can either lie flat under the skin or can appear raised, and may cause discomfort.

This non-invasive process involves injecting a special scerosant solution into defective veins. The solution causes the vein to shrivel up and gradually fade, allowing the body to naturally redirect the blood flow to healthy veins. Because the needle is so small, patients usually feel little pain during treatment. The treated veins clear slowly after sclerotherapy and may take up to two to six months to resolve, depending on vessel size.  Multiple veins can be injected in one treatment session.  Bruising can occur with leg vein injections.

For the success of the treatment it is extremely important that sclerotherapy patients adhere to the post treatment care program, which includes walking daily and wearing compression stockings for a given time.  Exact details of this program will be provided to you at the time of the treatment.

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