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Skin Cancer Check

Skin Cancer Check at Cosmetic Elegance Clinic: Prioritising Your Comfort and Well-being

At Cosmetic Elegance Clinic, we understand the significance of regular skin cancer checks for maintaining optimal skin health. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your experience is both professional and comfortable.


During your skin cancer check at our clinic, our highly skilled doctors will meticulously examine your body for any lesions of concern. Utilising a state-of-the-art Dermatoscope, a precision high-resolution optical device with a polarised lens system and LED lighting, our doctors can magnify and observe the lesions with exceptional clarity and accurate colour portrayal.


If there are any lesions that require monitoring, we employ our advanced MoleMax system, a digital imaging technology, to capture detailed images for future reference and analysis.


Based on the examination findings, our doctors will discuss any recommended treatments with you. From cryotherapy, Laser/IPL treatment, and Photodynamic therapy to biopsies and complete excisions, we offer a range of treatment options. Most procedures are performed in-house by our experienced dermatologists, Dr. Roos or Dr. Vermeulen, ensuring expert care and attention.


For further analysis, all specimens are sent to reputable laboratories such as QML or Sullivan & Nicollades for histo-pathology, ensuring accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning.


At Cosmetic Elegance Clinic, we prioritise achieving the best possible cosmetic outcome for all our patients. Our team places great importance on educating you about sun-safe practices, empowering you to protect your skin effectively.


We understand that the prospect of “baring all” during a skin check can make some individuals feel self-conscious. Rest assured that your comfort and dignity are of utmost importance to us. Throughout the examination, you will be asked to dress down to your underwear and will be appropriately covered by a towel. Only the specific area of the body being examined will be exposed, maintaining your privacy and ensuring a comfortable environment.


As a courtesy to our clinic staff, we kindly request that you have a shower before your skin check if you work in a dirty environment. Additionally, it is advisable to remove any makeup and nail polish prior to the examination, allowing for accurate observation and assessment of your skin.


At Cosmetic Elegance Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care, expertise, and support throughout your skin cancer check journey. Your well-being is our top priority, and we strive to ensure that your experience is both informative and reassuring. Trust us to deliver outstanding results and guide you towards optimal skin health.

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